Scooter Repairs

We'll Get Your Scooter Back On The
Road In No Time

[ WARNING ] 1 In 5 Scooters Will Break Down.

Free report reveals top 3 critical problems that goes wrong with scooters, how you can avoid them and save yourself hundreds of dollars in costly repairs.

We Specialize In Scooters Only

This means we know 97% percent of scooters like the back of our hand, we don’t service any other vehicles. For a job that usually takes a non specialist 2 hours… we would get it done and dusted in 1 hour or less.

We’ll Troubleshoot Your Problem Superfast

Getting you back on your scooter is our number one priority. Instead of scratching our heads wondering what it might be…We know 90% of scooters like the back of our hand and have carried out 4,346 scooters repairs since 2006. This means we can pinpoint the problem and inform you on what needs to be done superfast.

No Hourly Billing

Majority of mechanics bill per hour, not us, we think it’s unfair to pay for a whole hour even if the job takes 30 mins. Thats why we only bill you per 30mins increments.

No Nasty Bill Surprises. You're In Full Control Of The Costs Every Single Step Of The Process

We never carry out any repairs without your permission. If we happen to find any unsafe or worn parts that need to be replaced, we call you to let you know with the full breakdown on the additional work.

Pictures Of Repairs Sent To You For Your Peace Of Mind

Have you ever wondered...Did that mechanic really replace those parts? Because we’re fully transparent with every single customer that uses our service. An added option we give to all our customers is we’ll attach photos of replaced or damaged parts to your electronic invoice. Giving you peace of mind, with any repairs we carry out for you.

Here’s some of the repairs we carry out

Flat Batteries
Transmission Drivebelt & Rollers
Carburettor Service

No hidden cost. Brutally honest pricing.

One Off Call Out
Just $89.00
We Come To You Same Day
Book Online
We Cover 25km’s Radius Of Sydney CBD
FREE Drop Off To Your Nominated Location
Labour - (Billed Per 30mins)
Only $55.00
Backed By Our 100% Lifetime Guarantee
Your In Control Of The Cost
New Scooter Warranty 100% Covered
Option Of Pictures Emailed To You Of Repairs
Get Back On The Road In No Time
Billed In Per 30min Blocks
BONUS - FREE Scooter Wash!

Over 6,500 Happy Scooter Riders Have Used Us Since 2006

Here’s What A Few Of Them Have To Say



“I thought my bike was running fairly well before the service…what I got back felt like a brand new bike.”
Mick. S -Menai

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” The job ended up being cheaper than the quote from the other company”
Robyn Hughes

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It runs so much better. It starts and idles smoother. The acceleration is awesome.”
Mousedroid – TrueLocal Review

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” On time, reasonably priced and totally professional.”

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Here’s Your 100% Lifetime Guarantee

That’s right, you read correctly…

When you service your scooter with us, you get a 100% lifetime workmanship guarantee with every service or repair we carry out for you.
Do you know of any other mechanics who offers a guarantee like that?
Nope we checked...
We are so confident that you are going to love servicing your scooter with us and we do the job right the first time, that for any reason any service or repair issue’s arise due to our workmanship during the ownership of your scooter, we will fix it free of charge. Thats our 100% lifetime workmanship guarantee.

Yes! I want to get back on the road as quickly as possible!

Got A Question…?

No problems… If you’re still on the fence or wondering if Scootech is right for you, the answer you need might be found below. If your question isn’t covered below...just contact our friendly team of scooter experts, their ready to help you via email, phone or live chat. Whatever option suits you.

QWill my warranty still be covered if i have a new scooter?
110% Yes.

Q What if you can't fix my scooter problem on site?
In the off chance we can't fix your scooter problem on site, we'll take it back to our headquarters, diagnose the issue and inform you what needs to be done.
Once we have your permission to do the work, we'll fix it and drop it off to where we picked it up from. 97% of cases you'll get your scooter back on the same day.
Taking your scooter away and dropping it off is absolutely free off charge